Updates til a better day…

Greetings my familiar followers 🙂 

Do not take my absence of voice to be a sign of defeat, simply a sign that the Father is working on my soul once again. There is a time & a season for everything and this particular season lends itself to a family healing, a temple being built, a generation being taught & a river being dammed. It is what it is, my lovelies, I believe this is the time we should all be preparing for what is next. Chose sides…burn bridges if you must but please do not just ignore the signs & the facts. Sheep or goat. Period. Til next time, please know my prayers linger over the abused, the abandoned, the scared & the hungry…my friends & family & the future of this nation, once “One nation under GOD”…now a nation of forked tongue liars, rich bigots & best of all, a President who dammed us all with his “halo”. Peace be with you until we meet again XxXImage



Some say I am hiding in the wilderness of Oregon. Some say I am hid out with my dad in AZ. Some say I am right back in Louisiana where my heart belongs and some say I have even moved to Los Angeles…well, its not real important where I am at, it’s where I have been and where I am going is what’s important. Have you ever seen 500 blue ribbons tied on ONE state capitol’s pillars? Have you seen 1000 blue balloons escape from a cemetery in NM? Have you seen 250 painted blue angels sitting on a Senator’s lawn? No? Well…you haven’t been paying attention, have you? 




Intro to the woman in Black n Blue…

So here I am. Some of you know how you got here, how you met me and some just accidentally stumbled across me and figured I was entertaining at the least. Some of you know me in real life and some of you just know I am a loud mouth against child abuse, racism and stupidity. I figured I should introduce myself so there is no confusion as to who you “follow”, “trend”, “DIGG” or otherwise share my views, petitions, campaigns and/or quotes. I don’t want anyone becoming all offended and whining about misrepresentation 😀

I am American by birth, SOUTHERN by the grace of GOD.

I have worn a rebel flag tee shirt, heritage NOT hate (would be difficult to be racist with a BEAUTIFUL black baby in the house!)

I have cussed like a sailor most of my life and am honest to GOD trying to quit because of my kids…not because it offends you people :p

I believe that Jesus Christ is my savior. Period.

I don’t support gay marriage… BUT wait a damn minute, I don’t stand in the way of it either…I am not gay therefore I feel it isnt my business. I dont believe gays should have MORE rights than me and my (live in, not married to, not gonna marry) “partner” but if the only thing we have left to fight about is gay marriage, we have completely ignored SEVERAL elephants in SEVERAL rooms… 

I was an abused child and I would kick in your door, chase down your car and smack you silly to stop you from abusing your child. I will stand in every court room, march in every city, write on every wall and annoy every politician, celebrity or news anchor I can until I get Conrad’s Law in motion. Seriously, you have no idea what lengths I will go to …to #EndChildAbuse

I don’t mind signing your animal rights petitions…I would never harm an animal and have been known to bitch slap those that have in my presence BUT my main reason for being anywhere on any social network is to end child abuse…so if you help me save the babies, I will do what I can for your furry quests. This I promise.

I hate trolls. I hate pedophiles. I hate child abusers and baby killers. I know hate is a strong word and I am working on that as a Good Christian Bitch (that IS politically correct now since its on tv, right?) But their reason for existence is beyond me…why can’t we just kill them and be done with it? 24 months for allowing your child to be mauled to death by your boyfriend’s dog? WHILE you hid your weed before you called for help? To me, thats a death penalty. You are no longer of any use in my society. Beating your 19 month old to death for peeing on the floor? Death sentence… Throwing a baby in the air and letting her fall til she dies? Death…see, its simple. AND yes, I could pull the switch, inject the poison, pull the trigger or tie the noose, no problems. Call me… I volunteer!!

I am Republican but have ABSOLUTELY no idea where THIS year’s race will go…its just like an episode of the Twilight Zone does Washington. God help us all…

I hand out my dollars to the homeless but believe every able soul should work…

I answer to my Father God and no one else for my own actions…

My earth Father is one of the most feared men in this nation, yet I honor my heavenly Father with my life…Irony or calling? You decide, its not my place.

I, along with my family, believe the best place to be is in the sticks, far from the hate, the rage, the pedophilia, the pure evil that walks amongst us and preys on our children, yours AND mine… we believe a reckoning is sure to be soon and everyone should be prepared. I am not a nutty prepper with 89000 gallons of water but I am armed and well stocked, I don’t plan on going out like that. I will die for my children, isnt that how it is supposed to be?

I support the NRA. Period.

I do not support our current POTUS. I tried. I can’t.

I believe if enough people join together, #TrueChange can happen. I believe in the power of the people…I just don’t see enough people willing to be selfless & motive free gathering together for a greater cause. This is why we are all falling apart at the seems…we are no longer one nation under God, right? When do we take “In God we Trust” off our money? I mean, that must offend someone… And I care why? Havent my children been forced to NOT pray in school? Havent most schools STOPPED saying the pledge of allegiance? Wow…and people wonder why we are headed to hell in a hand basket…

You ready to kill for your family? Your property? Your food? What will you do when it all collapses? THEN what is gun control? THEN where are the Democrats and all their promises? THEN who protects you and yours? You better be ready to do it yourself, my brother or sister….you better do what you do and just make a plan because it’s coming. I am not specifically saying the end…I am not saying the big kablooey or Mayan end…I am saying THIS NATION IS fooked…this planet is screwed as a whole….when people are living like they are living, when neighbors do not give a rats ass about neighbors, when we can drive past starving babies to mourn crack heads who die in Hollywood…when we can step over dying children HERE to send money to other countries…when we celebrate anorexia and bash chubby…when we hear whispers of pedophilia being as accepted as homosexuality ….WE are SCREWED. Screwed. You ready to change? 

So. Yeah. I make enemies. I cause people to look in the mirror and when they don’t like what they see, they blame ME instead of …well, you get it. I believe if you are one of only two adults in a house when a child has been raped, burnt, beaten or killed…and you try to say you knew nothing? You’re as guilty as the person who did it if you didn’t STOP IT. You would have to kill me before beating a child in my presence. Got that? Dead or severely duct taped and somehow cobbled. And then, you need to kill me anyway because when I get free, I am coming for you. Does that make me crazy? Does that make a zealot? Does that make me a mother? Yes. Maybe all three…but I dare you to try me…I will protect my own children with my life and to be honest, I would protect yours with the same if I have to…even if its protecting them from you. Now, do you see how I make enemies?

Lastly… I thought once an army could be led in the same direction until I was forced to realize that people, for the most part, especially women, don’t really care much anymore…therefore making it virtually impossible to keep a group of, yes, mostly women on the right track, same track without the envy, without the jealousy, without the pathetic pretending, without the constant backstabbing, deceit and horrible attitudes creeping in like a bad episode of New Jersey Housewives….seriously? You have to back stab in the world of child abuse advocacy? You have to be the SPOTLIGHT of a murdered child’s campaign or YOU can’t possibly be a part of it? For God’s sake…isn’t that the PROBLEM NOW???? 40+ % of babies murdered are murdered by THEIR BIRTH MOTHER. Yeah. THEN 65% of the REST are murdered by their mother or father’s live in “spouse” (70% of THOSE “mothers” were pregnant with said assailants child while their own child was murdered) DOES THIS bother anyone other than me?? WOMEN have dropped the damn ball. MOTHERS have somehow come to the EFFED UP conclusion that babies are disposable and  you get do overs. WTF?? NO. Death sentence. Bam. Done. There is NO excuse, no kinda crazy, no alcoholic binge, NO drug, NO situation that can be SO severe THAT IT FORES YOU TO KILL A BABY. Rape a child, beat a child , torture a child or otherwise maim a child. NO excuse. None. Nada. You are now of no value to society and need to be eradicated. Gone from my planet, Poof. Away.

Now, if you can not handle the #Truth, if you can not debate me like an adult, if you are just following me for fun or a follow back, (which I won’t do if you are a porn pusher or witchcraft superstar, etc etc), you may wanna just leave now. I share things I find interesting, things I find ridiculous , humorous…not everything I RT is something I support, I may RT to show the rest of the world and MY like minded new found Twitfriends just how effed up this planet is…

Now…any questions?

Oh yeah…and I am SO ANTI racism and George Zimmerman, it ain’t even funny but THAT’s a different tale altogether….

Peace til we meet again ~+~Image

The World today…

Holy hell. Yes, I meant to say hell…because its right here on earth. The chasm between good and bad is SO huge now, it can not be repaired, fixed, pulled back. The difference between wrong & right IS SO off kilter, it sickens me.

Sherry Arnold, God rest her soul…what the demons did to her is something a family should never have to hear….all because a couple of sick bastards on their way to the Baaken for a job decided they needed sex. North Dakota’s Baaken is Hell. Yes, it is here and Satan is running the show, check the crime stats, the child abuse, the rapes….

Brianna Lopez was a baby…a tiny baby and she was thrown in the air and dropped til she died, sexually molested and killed….nice…her murderers are in for life or death, one even looking at parole. NM? Hell. Yes I said it.

Conrad Ayala was beaten to death for peeing on the floor….his murderers (mom and bf) get out in 18 years or so… yet pot dealers can get life in some states? Hell is on earth….

Michele Aviles was raped and murdered in NY by her father. Who was drunk. Who was found not guilty and let out on probation. Naomi was killed by her foster mother in OK and the murderer was FINED, NOT JAILED.

Kyle was left to be mauled by a wolf hybrid…his mom got 24 months and her sick ass bf got 29 months. Yes I said months. Yes, I said hell is on earth.

Babies are being boiled, beaten, raped, thrown, cut, eaten, drowned, sold for sex for drugs by their mothers….they are being bruised and broken in every corner of this nation. 

Seraphina will be blind and considered special needs her whole life and her attacker may get out earlier than her 30 year sentence (Montana) as she sees it as too harsh? WTF? HARSH?

Michigan gets a few props for putting Hayes & King away for life….but then they have dropped the ball in the past too…

Lets not even discuss Florida, shall we? Come on, PEOPLE….what has to HAPPEN before the change comes? Take a look around….we are on the slippery slide into the fiery pit…

I, for one, don’t intend on sliding in with a bunch of silent couch potatoes, I am armed, I am loud and I am hellbent on not only protecting my own children from the evil out there but I intend on protecting yours, even if its from you. 

Peace to the true…



I am done playing the game. I am done trying to be polite, politically correct, and courteous in my war against child abuse. I didnt come online to make friends, to be honest, I don’t need “friends”, I need “fellow advocates”. I hate FB, in fact, I call it DevilBook. I can’t stand much of anything I see on the news…I am pissed and I am SO sick of pretending I am not. WHO kills a mommy and steals her baby? WHO rapes a 5 month old and leaves the for dead? WHO throws children in the air JUST to see how long it will take them to die when they hit the ground over and over? WHO handcuffs a six year old? WHO does these things….who in the name of Jesus would beat a baby to death? WHO would set fire to their own children, put hot sauce in their food to laugh at them when they cry, stick them in cages, feed them semen? 

YOUR neighbors might. YOUR children’s teacher, coach or preacher might. YOUR live in boyfriend or girlfriend might. YOUR ex’s new gf or bf might. YOUR children ARE at as much risk as mine….Satan himself is running this show we are appearing in, you get that, right? HE may NOT Be running you and me but I will be damned if he isn’t walking around amongst us… LOOK at the damn news….READ the articles….weep when you see what we have allowed to happen in this “greatest of all” nations. I call bullshit. I want a do OVER….I WANT A GOVERMENT who will NOT bow down to tyrants, one who will NOT allow the slaughter of our innocents, ONE that will support US Instead of the many third world countries we have no need to support. I want celebrities who would save the children in their own states before flying to friggin Sudan or whomever needs us today…I want a world where babies are not raped, murdered and lost. I want a world I feel safe to allow my own children to grow up in.

That doesnt look like its happening, does it? I am gone from your world already…I have turned off of real life drive and gave headed to easy street on mud tires with my guns, my ammo, my kids, my protector and my Father God…I am taking this battle to the streets, I am taking this battle nationwide and I am taking this battle, this WAR, to the next level. Look for us on your streets…LOOK for the blue ribbons, LOOK for Conrad’s precious face, Izzy’s smile, Sera’s twinkling eyes…Juliette’s beautiful grin… LOOK for the puff of smoke and the blue candles… I will be gone before you see me, I will have made my mark on your town. I wish I could say I had won the battle already for one boy that I will never forget but I can’t…I haven’t won anything until I see the day babies aren’t dying at the hands of monsters…I haven’t won anything at all.